News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – CG Wins Wellness Gold The Zest Wellness Programme, created by Coralisle Group Ltd (CG), has been awarded a Gold Medal by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) for building a workplace culture that promotes, protects and supports the health and well being of its employees and clients.

CG is the only company outside the United States to have achieved Gold Medal status in WELCOA’s 2021 Workplace Awards, which were announced in December.

For CG’s Zest Wellness team, the award vindicates its work to build a workplace culture that supports healthy work-life habits for CG employees and, through outreach programmes, CG clients and their families.

“It has been amazing to see CG’s wellness journey over the years, from traditional programmes to its holistic approach today, which emphasises overall well being,’ Jacqueline Perreault, CG’s Corporate Wellness Director, said.

‘This has been made possible by a company-wide commitment to putting people and their well being at the core of its work.’

CG’s Zest Wellness programme started nearly 20 years ago with glucose and blood pressure screenings, subsidized gym memberships and walking challenges. Those programmes branched out in years since to include mindfulness, workplace resilience, mental wellness and even financial literacy. During the pandemic, Zest Wellness made sure its work continued to reach people through virtual initiatives that included online coaching, fitness classes, virtual events, webinars and podcasts.

Beth Frazier, CG’s Chief Operating Officer for Health, said the WELCOA award was ‘very gratifying for our Zest Wellness team because we’ve been working to embed wellness into the cultural fabric of the company and, through it, to CG clients and their families.

‘The Gold Award recognizes this work to build and spread healthy, sustainable habits that strengthen employees, our clients and the community beyond.’