Constitutional Freedom Bermuda (CFB) today urged residents to “tune in via YouTube live at 11am this morning as the Chief Justice, Narinder Hargun, rules on the Applicants’ constitutaional challenge to the Government’s Mandatory Quarantine Policy”.

In a statement released in the lead up to today’s ruling, the group said: “The Battle Continues.”

The statement continued: “The Chief Justice demonstrated during the hearings that he was clearly in favour of mandatory vaccinations and was very supportive of the Government throughout. It will therefore come as no surprise if the Chief Justice rules in favour of the Government.

Rest assured that if the Chief Justice does uphold the mandatory quarantine, his ruling will be vigorously appealed before The Bermuda Court of Appeal.

“This whole ordeal has revealed the true level of deception deployed by our current Government; this is about more than COVID-19 and vaccinations. This is about human rights and the extent to which a government can impede on those rights.

“To the many Bermudians who have been affected by this PLP Government’s arrogant and careless breach of human rights, we support you and thank you for your continued support— your unwavering energy and support will be required to see this battle to its just conclusion as we work to vindicate and uphold the constitutional rights of all Bermudians.

“From the outset, we knew that this would be an uphill battle, not the least of which is due to the lack of transparency on the part of the Government, but we must not lose heart as this is only the beginning of what will be a very long battle, which is likely to ultimately be decided by The Privy Council in London.

“For the sake of Bermuda’s future, we cannot and will not allow the Government to set this dangerous precedent.

“Irrespective of the Chief Justice’ ruling at 11am, the fight for human rights and justice continues!”