Local hotelier David Dodwell will celebrate another milestone next month. It was 42 years ago in December, when he joined The Reefs as Resident Manager.

The South Shore hotel originally opened in May 1947, although very little of that still stands today.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority Chairman heads the group that owns The Reefs, which purchased the Nisbet Plantation, a 30-acre Caribbean beachfront property in Nevis, on June 2, 1989.

“We just finished celebrating 25 years there,” said Mr Dodwell. “It seems like yesterday, especially as one of our goals and hallmarks is hands on ownership and management.”

Four decades on, Mr Dodwell’s son, David Junior, has joined the management team that has shifted marketing strategies to social networking to promote tourism business.

They sat down with Bermuda Real to discuss the many changes in hospitality, what it will take to revive Bermuda’s tourism product, and what has sustained the South Shore resort in an ever-changing industry.

By Ceola Wilson