Bermuda’s “Unsustainable Healthcare Costs” Result in $2.3 Million in Losses by the Argus Group

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Bermuda's unsustainable healthcare costs continues to take a bite out of earnings for one of island's leading insurance firms. Half year results reported by the Argus Group  released today, saw the company's Financial Strength Rating upgraded to A- (Excellent) with a stable outlook. But... Read more

Premier Just Back From a One-Day Round of Meetings With Mayors in Miami Courtesy of the BDA

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Just back from a one-day round of meetings, Premier David Burt was welcomed to Miami and Miami Beach by both cities' respective new mayors yesterday, during a visit arranged by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) to meet Florida civic and business leaders. The one-day visit include... Read more

Police: Another Serious Single Vehicle Road Traffic Accident in Hamilton Parish

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Police and first responders were dispatched to another serious single vehicle road traffic accident in Hamilton Parish, near Limehouse Lane A spokesman said: "Details are still unfolding but it appears that a man on a motorcycle collided with a wall in the area." The victim was transported to ... Read more

Health Minister Launches Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

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Health Minister Kim Wilson officially launched Mental Health Awareness Week on Monday, with the focus this year, on an issue she described as "highly relevant in our community", which is "mental health in the workplace". "We think of mental illness as a private issue. In fact, I think many of us ... Read more

West End Residents Missed the Memo on Garbage Collection

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West end residents missed the memo on garbage collection due to take place up until 12 noon today. Now there's piles of trash bags lining pick up areas on roadsides that look set to stay there until next week. A notice was sent out on Monday that three divisions of the Waste Management Secti... Read more

Bus Engulfed in Flames in March Also Caught on Fire in February

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While the outcome of the investigation is still pending, Bermuda Real can report that the bus engulfed in flames on March 7th, also caught on fire with another set of private school students on board in February. You may recall that we reported that the vehicle in question was taken out of servic... Read more

Crockwell: Bermuda’s Political Landscape Is Chaotic

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Independent MP Shawn Crockwell took to the airwaves and said Bermuda’s “entire political landscape is chaotic”. In a live radio interview the former One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) MP said: “A general election right now would not be in the best interest of the country.” Mr Crockwell was i... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Pot Hole Needs Fixing Now!

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The following was submitted to as a Letter to the Editor by Nerah-Lynn Wilson, 27, who lives near Prospect Primary School in Devonshire. Dear Editor: Four or five weeks ago, I, Nerah-Lynn Wilson fell in a pot hole and sprained my left foot, and messed up my knee as well. Thi... Read more

Bermuda’s Olympic Sailor Peter Bromby takes a look at America’s Cup

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There’s a host of ideal vantage points to watch the America’s Cup series live in Bermuda. But by far, one of the best spots, according to Bermuda’s Olympic Sailor Peter Bromby, will consistently be the elevated land on Scaur Hill, where there’s panoramic views of the Great Sound. Once ran... Read more