News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – CARE Learning Centre salutes the accomplishments of their GED students, Professional Development and Computer Skills students.

Thirty-seven years ago an alternative learning centre and computer school was opened in the basement of the home of D Neletha Butterfield, MBE, JP  in Pembroke West.
On Thursday, July 16 CARE Learning Centre will be holding their annual Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony in the courtyard of the learning centre (the former Woodlands School) at 6pm.
Eight (8) graduates will be graduating with their high school diplomas and for the first time the City of Hamilton employees will be participating in the ceremony. Nine of their employees will be receiving certificates for Microsoft Word Skills and Keyboard Skills.
This year’s ceremony will highlight the success of 16-17 year old students who passed their GED Test before the school leaving age of 18 and will be mentioned during the programme for their outstanding commitment to attending classes on a regular basis, additional studying, extra tutoring and a commitment to applying their academic skills and joining the G.E.D. virtual classes that are currently taking place to continue their learning.
The learning centre was founded by Ms Butterfield, on November 1, 1983.
She continues to be involved in the administration and GED instruction at the learning centre and states that asa community we must embrace alternative ways of learning.
This is evident at her learning centre as one of the graduates will be receiving honours for obtaining GED College Ready level in Reasoning through Language Arts one of the subject areas of the GED Test. The college ready score means that the students have demonstrated skills to start college level courses.
Depending on the school or programme they apply to they will not have to take a placement test or any remedial non-credit courses in college, they will be college prepared. We are very proud of their accomplishments and wish them all the best as they seek higher education.
At the ceremony we will announce the recipient of the Special Recognition Award, the recipient of the Perseverance Award in memory of the late Lloyd “Stiff” Burch – a graduate of the learning centre who was tragically killed in a road accident, the recipient of the Academic Achievement Award in memory of the late Graham Steede II – another graduate of the learning centre who was tragically killed in a road accident.
Special Recognition Award in memory of the late Shayne Adderley who was also killed in a road accident and the Community Involvement Award.
The ceremony begins at 6pm and CARE would like to thank those in the community for their support for over three decades. This event highlights the positive roles that our young people and adults are achieving academically through alternative education.
Programme Director, Mr Treadwell Butterfield will give words of encouragement to the graduates and students.
Due to COVID-19 protocols will be in place and we recommend that the invited guests only adhere and respect these procedures.
At the end of the ceremony volunteers will be available to enroll students in the 2021 term and anyone interested in sponsoring a young person can email us at or call the learning centre at 292-0915.
We ask for your continuous support during these uncertain and challenging times.