A 25-year-old Canadian woman was formally charged in Magistrates’ Court yesterday with three drug related offences, including the importation of cannabis valued at $1.8 million.

Mara Faiazza of Ontario Canada was not required to enter a plea to the indictable offenses, will go to the Supreme Court.

She was also charged with conspiring with others to import the controlled drug and possession with intent to supply.

Magistrate Maria Sofianos released the defendant on $100,000 bail with one like surety.

The court heard that her parents said they could pay it into a local trust “within the hour”.

Despite the Crown’s objections, the Magistrate allowed it.

The court also heard that remanding Ms Faiazza in custody posed a risk, as she has a heart condition.

She arrived in Bermuda on an Air Canada flight on May 19.

Police dogs alerted officials to her luggage at LF Wade International Airport.

The Magistrate stipulated that the surety would have to be deposited into the trust before her release.

She was also required to provide proof of stay at a local address upon her release, but not before being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

The defendant was also ordered to surrender her travel documents with orders to adhere to a curfew from 8pm to 8am.

The case was set down for the arraignment session on July 1.

Magistrate Maria Sofianos bailed Faiazza to the sum of $100 thousand dollars with a like surety, she must also surrender her travel documents to the Courts, Mara Faiazza is to be fitted with an Electric Monitoring Device EMD, she is ordered to provide a proof of address and to adhere to a 8pm to 8am curfew.

Faiazza will next appear at the Supreme Court July 1, Monthly Arraignment Session.