A Canadian man who arrived in Bermuda on a commercial airline flight on Friday (November 15), was today remanded in custody, after he pleaded guilty to a series of charges involving fake credit cards.

Christopher Gosselin McMeel was formally charged in Magistrates’ Court this morning, with eight fraud related charges related to seven counts of making false credit cards and possessing  equipment used to make them.

A police spokesman said: “These seven counts pertained to seven of the 31 cards, which had inconsistent data on the magnetic strip.

“Mr McMeel pleaded guilty to possession of the equipment and five false credit cards. However, he pleaded not guilty to two counts pertaining to false data on the two other credit cards.”

As a result, he was remanded in custody until his case is due for mention on December 4.

Police say he was “was stopped by Customs Officers upon arrival at LF  Wade International Airport on Friday, November 15”.

“Digital Forensics Officers from the Bermuda Police Service played a significant role in the investigation which led to Mr. McMeel being brought before the courts,” the spokesman added.

“ATM skimming has been a serious issue for the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bermuda Police Service in recent months and indeed a strain on the local financial institution.

“Most recently, Nikola Aleksandrov and Vladimir Vasilev, two Bulgarian nationals who were also apprehended at the airport after being stopped by Customs Officers, were sentenced to 14 months in prison for similar offences.”