Caitlin Conyers Training-Pan American Games Road Race 2019, Lima, Peru

All set to compete in the Women’s Elite Class in the road cycling World Championships in Belgium, Caitlin Conyers was devastated to learn this week that her high hopes and dreams were shattered by COVID-19.

The top female cyclist shared the heartbreaking news on her Facebook Page on Saturday (Sept 18), saying: “Heartbreak is an understatement.”

When contacted by Bermuda Real, Peter Dunne, Bermuda Bicycle Association President, said: “She is right that it is heartbreaking.

“All of the preparation she has done goes out the window and her 2021international racing will come to a sudden and unexpected halt.  

“She and I discussed this right after the test result came in (literally a few hours before we were scheduled to fly out) and I appreciate that her first concern was for the health of the rest of the team,” said Mr Dunne.

“The emotional let-down was huge and it speaks volumes that her focus was on the team rather than her own disappointment.  

“So the guys will carry her competitive spirit into the competitions in the coming days.  And, according to her post, we need to come home with Belgian chocolates for her!”

Caitlin shared the devasting news in this post published on her Facebook Page on Saturday (Sept 18):
As many people will already know, I was meant to represent Bermuda at the road cycling World Championships in Belgium this coming week. It was going to be my first time competing at that level, and it felt like things had fallen into place to enable me to go.
On Thursday afternoon, however, I was notified by my doctor that I received a positive result from a COVID-19 test. Heartbreak is an understatement.
After a lot of phone calls and tears, I resigned to the fact that I would be in quarantine until next Friday, and wouldn’t be going to Belgium with the rest of the Bermuda team.
As much as I have spent the last 48hrs grieving what feels like a huge loss, I am very aware that it’s incomparable to what many in our community are going through. My thoughts go out to the healthcare workers that are doing their best to deal with this wave and those with loved ones fighting this disease. Gratefully, I am healthy, and re-acquainting myself with my indoor trainer.
I will now be watching all of “our boys” (Kaden, Conor, Nic, Zander and Liam) compete in the World Championships from my quarantine isolation room (aka my Zwift pain cave!), and can’t wait to see what they’re able to do on the world stage! 
Wishing them all the absolute best! And hoping they bring me back some pancakes, waffles and chocolate (the real reason I was going)!!!
Love to everyone that has reached out over the last couple of days, and everyone that has supported me this past year.
Here’s to a Speedy Recovery on Behalf of Bermuda Real!
  • Photo Below: Bermuda’s Bicycling Team Saturday morning (Sept 18) before heading out on a recon of the time trial course.  Dominique Mayho is not only helping the team with mechanical and organizational matters but also giving the team direction on riding roads he competed on in his time racing in Belgium. Left to right:  Kaden Hopkins, Nic Narraway, Zander Miller, Conor White, Liam Flannery and Dominique Mayho