Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) issued a small craft warning for the local area which will remain in effect until Tuesday, when more gale force winds are expected with possible thunderstorms.

A gale warning will be posted late Monday evening through to Tuesday morning, with a thunderstorm advisory.

According to the latest BWS update: “High pressure continues to build in from the west with easing winds despite one or two blustery showers this evening.
“The high then moves to our east as the flow shifts to the south and strengthens on Monday. This will aid warming temperature and humidity ahead of the next frontal system.
“Prolonged wet weather Monday night through Tuesday may produce a period of gusty gales along with possible thunderstorms as the complex front crosses through our area.”
Winds are currently out of the northwest, “becoming light and variable at times overnight, then increasing south-southwesterly moderate towards dawn” with a low of 56°F.
Fair skies will turn cloudy on Monday afternoon, with showers developing late in the afternoon.
Strong winds will be out of the southwest and rapidly increase “with gusts to gale force in afternoon, then strong to gale force with gusts to storm force and higher in elevated and exposed areas by midnight”.
There’s rain showers in the forecast for Tuesday – “heavy at times” with “early thunder likely”.
Forecasters say they anticipate: “Winds southerly strong to gale force gusts to storm force, with higher gusts in elevated and exposed areas, veering southwesterly strong with gusts to gale force by afternoon.”
The forecast for Wednesday: “Variably cloudy, a few showers around…Winds southwesterly strong, with stronger gusts in and around showers, veering west-southwesterly moderate to strong overnight.”
Sunny periods are expected by Thursday with “one or two early brisk showers”.
Winds will be “west-southwesterly moderate to strong, soon veering westerly, then easing moderate overnight”.