Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) say we are off to “a wet and windy start to the weekend”, as “low pressure to the distant northwest deepens and drives a cold front through Bermuda”.

We are in for more “showers, perhaps heavy at times along with the risk of thunder and strong to gale force wind that gust to storm force”.

According to the latest update issued at 5:30am, “the area will gradually settle though remaining breezy and cooler into Sunday and Monday”.

The forecast calls for cloudy skies with “rain/showers & risk thunder, mainly this afternoon”.

“Winds southerly strong gusts to gale force, occasionally increasing south-southwesterly strong to gale force with storm force gusts from late morning.”

More evening showers are expected to ease overnight, with “winds west-southwesterly strong gusts to gale force, easing slightly late overnight”.

Forecasters say Sunday will get off to a “fair start, turning cloudy as showers return towards evening”, with “westerly moderate to strong, easing moderate by afternoon, tending west-northwesterly light to moderate in the evening, then north-northwesterly overnight”.

The next BWS update will be issued at 11:30am.

Sea Surface:19.3°C/66.7°F
January to date:133.9mm/5.27″
Past 30 Days:135.4mm/5.33″

Meteorologist: Gary Hall, Observer: Christa Gierlinger-Russo