Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) say our weather will be under the influence of another cold front moving through the local area, with one part moving today predicted to produce more rain.

Duty Forecaster Anton Wiltshire says the model showing that part of the front could produce up to an inch of rain, or around 25ml between this morning and this afternoon.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, he said: “The cold front is expected to move over us tonight between 2am and 5am, when we will start to see increased cloudiness and showers, but not so much rain.

“The highest winds today were this morning with up gusts from 35 to40 knots.

“The anticipated low last few days was59F, or 16C. But it won’t be as cold tonight,” he added.

“We’re expecting lows over the next two to three days around 62-64F.

“The front moves out tomorrow (Sat) during the day and Christmas Day we’re looking for it to remain a little cloudy, but not as showery as today or overnight tonight.

“Generally, it should be pretty good with no heavy rainfall or anything like that, and we expect a high of 70F with a low of 64F.”

Today’s forecast calls for conditions to begin to dry later this afternoon, “while breezy conditions remain in its wake”.

“Another round of wet weather will arrive early on Saturday as a cold front passes overhead.

“Christmas weekend remains quite changeable as temperatures become mild, with cloudy skies, rain and the chance of thunder, “easing after midday” on Saturday.

Winds will be southeasterly and strong, with gale force gusts to gale force to storm force winds, “soon veering south-southeasterly, easing strong during afternoon, further south-southwesterly and easing moderate to strong towards evening”.

The forecast for Christmas on Sunday calls for a few showers with moderate winds out of the west under cloudy skies, with the chance of a few showers.

And there’s much of the same in the forecast for Boxing Day with more rain showers likely and winds veering northerly – easing, possibly becoming “variable in direction for a time, settling easterly light to moderate later”.

The anticipated high will be 70°F – the low near 64°F.