Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) say Tropical Storm Peter could approach the local area later this week.

BWS continues to “closely monitor” the storm, which is currently “to our distant south”.

On its present course, TS Peter’s closest point of approach in three days would be 442 miles south-southwest of the island around 6pm on Thursday.

But there is always a chance the storm could come closer to the island, although it is expected to turn north late on Wednesday, with winds at 52mph, with gusts of up to 63mph, moving west-northwest at 14mph.

According to the US National Hurricane Centre (NHC), the storm could weaken as it encountered wind shear.

The NHC said: “There remains a possibility that Peter does not survive the shear over the next few days.

“However, the storm thus far has shown some resiliency to the hostile environment.”