A grub day organized by the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT) to raise money for the victims of the recent catastrophic hurricanes in the Caribbean collected more than $13,000.

The BUT invited the general public, all schools and staff to take part in a ‘National Grub Day’ on September 29th in aid of the victims of Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Union President Shannon James said: “We are extremely pleased with the amount collected and want to thank everyone who took part. To raise $13,000 was an incredible effort and typifies the generosity of the people of this Island.

“Bermuda knows only too well the consequences of hurricanes and it is important in times like this that we don’t only stand shoulder to shoulder with those affected but that we also do something practical to help.”

Mr James said the money was sent to the Secretariat of the Caribbean Union of Teachers. “This is the umbrella body for all teacher unions in the Caribbean.

“Historically we operate this way to ensure that assistance goes directly to our union colleagues in the affected area.”