Business resumes as usual on Tuesday in the lead up to the potential impacts of Tropical Storm Jerry later Tuesday evening and overnight, through to Wednesday.

National Security Minister Wayne Caines announced after today’s Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) meeting that public schools will be open on Tuesday, buses will be running, all Government offices will be open with other services in full operation.

Bermuda’s international airport will also be open on Tuesday.

Accompanied by James Dodgson, the Director of the Bermuda Weather Service and Shelly Leman of Belco, the Minister highlighted the following at a news conference held earlier today:

  • All public schools will be open on Tuesday as usual
  • All buses are running as normal and will run as scheduled
  • All Government offices will be open for business
  • The road clearing continues and I urge everyone to use caution as they are riding and driving on our streets
  • The ferries are running as normal and will run as normal on Tuesday. With the exception of the St George orange route which will not run on Tuesday
  • Trash collection will be as normal today and Tuesday. If Tuesday is your normal trash day it will be collected. We will advise about Wednesday collection on Tuesday
  • The Marsh Folly facility is open for collection on Tuesday from 7:30 am until 4pm. Please take trees/foliage to the Marsh Folly Facility – dumping fees have been waived
  • From Monday through Wednesday, all beaches are closed to swimming and water activities
  • The LF Wade International Airport will operate Monday and Tuesday as normal. No flights have been cancelled – however, check with the airlines directly for any flight queries. Also you can go to for more information

Further updates will be provided on Tuesday after the next EMO meeting.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we anticipate being able to provide exact times when the public should be off the roads on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, when there are increased winds,” said Mr Caines.

“These measures may be put in place because Bermuda experienced a category 3 hurricane last week. We recognise that for tropical storms some of these precautions would not normally take place.

“I want to once again, express our deep appreciation to the many groups, organisations, Government and non-Government personnel who have worked tirelessly to get Bermuda up and running after last weeks Hurricane,” he added.

“We are very, very grateful for all of the hard work and many man hours that have been put in.

“We also recognize this is a highly stressful time for all of us in Bermuda. We have been operating at a high level of anxiety for more than a week. We urge everyone to pay attention to their stress levels and those of loved ones.”

Some signs of stress include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Limited attention span
  • Increased use of alcohol and drugs, abandoning healthy eating habits

“A few coping tips include:

  • Connecting with others
  • Getting adequate sleep and nutrition
  • Exercising and resting are critical;

“The EMO will meet again on Tuesday morning at 10 am to assess the latest information on Tropical Storm Jerry to make all necessary decisions about what will happen on Wednesday.

The next update will be issued at another news conference on Tuesday at 12:30pm and at 1:30pm on the Emergency Broadcast Station, 100.1FM.

The Minister also encouraged everyone who knows “anyone who does not have access to online media sites – specifically our seniors – please encourage them to listen 100.1 FM…so that they can stay abreast of the storm updates”.