Bermuda Real can now confirm that the island’s public bus service will be suspended temporarily tomorrow to facilitate a meeting with all staff due to “an inordinate amount of bus cancellations”.

According to our sources, a big part of the problem has to do with the fact that the Department of Public Transportation reportedly has no, or very few, if any, replacement tyres in stock for the buses they have.

Bermuda Real obtained a copy of the memo sent out to all Bus Operations Staff earlier today from Jonelle Christoper, the Acting Assistant Director of DPT and copied to the union’s Executive Team.

The memo said: “Recently, there has been an inordinate amount of bus cancellations due to a shortage of resources available to provide the regular bus schedule.”

But Bermuda Real understands that merely amounts DPT code for NO TYRES IN STOCK!

The “shortage of resources” they are referring to has everything to do with more than 30 buses out of service one day last week that are in need of new tyres.

The good news was that number was down to just over 20 buses out of service because of NO TYRES the following day.

As a result of the main factors causing the “inordinate amount of bus cancellations” in recent weeks, Ms Christopher scheduled a meeting for all Bus Operations Staff at 10am tomorrow (Apr 12) to 1pm.

“The meeting will start at 10:45am at the Bermuda Industrial Union to discuss short term solutions to boost the bus service level,” she said.

“We look forward to collaborating with you as this is a critical time for the team to turn things around,” she added.

The agenday will cover:

  1. State of the Bus Service
  2. Proposed Solutions &
  3. BIU Members Meeting

It was also noted that “the presentation will be deliberately brief to allow sufficient time for discussion and a swift resumption of the bus service”.

Ms Christopher concluded: “I look forward to seeing you there.”

But what she is likely to hear is anyone’s guess at this point, based on what this journalist has been hearing about this new fleet of electric buses – not to mention NO TYRES for the current fleet they have.

To make matters worse, the DPT announced another slew of bus cancellations affecting evening bus commuters this evening.

The following cancellations were announced just after 4pm:

4-njHamiltonSpanish Point4:00 pm
4-nsHamiltonSpanish Point4:00 pm
7HamiltonDockyard4:00 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s4:00 pm
7Barnes CornerHamilton4:11 pm
4-nsSpanish PointHamilton4:12 pm
11St. George’sHamilton4:12 pm
3HamiltonGrotto Bay4:15 pm
3Grotto BayHamilton4:15 pm
1HamiltonSt. George’s4:15 pm
4-sjHamiltonSpanish Point4:16 pm
6St. David’sSt. George’s4:19 pm
7DockyardHamilton4:20 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s4:25 pm
8HamiltonBarnes Corner4:24 pm
4-nsSpanish PointHamilton4:28 pm
11St. George’sHamilton4:30 pm
7HamiltonDockyard4:30 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s4:35 pm
8DockyardHamilton4:35 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner4:40 pm
9HamiltonProspect4:45 pm
11St. George’sHamilton4:45 pm
9ProspectHamilton4:55 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill4:50 pm
7HamiltonWatford Bridge4:50 pm
7DockyardHamilton4:50 pm
1St. George’sHamilton4:52 pm
11St. George’sHamilton5:00 pm
3Grotto BayHamilton5:00 pm
7HamiltonSt. George’s5:00 pm
7Barnes CornerHamilton5:04 pm
2HamiltonOrd Road5:05 pm
8DockyardHamilton5:05 pm
8HamiltonDockyard5:10 pm
3St. George’sHamilton5:12 pm
1HamiltonGrotto Bay5:15 pm
9HamiltonProspect5:15 pm
10HamiltonSt. George’s5:15 pm
8Barnes CornerHamilton5:19 pm
7DockyardHamilton5:20 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill5:20 pm
2HamiltonOrd Road5:25 pm
9ProspectHamilton5:25 pm
5Pond HillHamilton5:30 pm
11St. George’sHamilton5:30 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s5:35 pm
3HamiltonGrotto Bay5:45 pm
9HamiltonProspect5:45 pm
2HamiltonOrd Road5:45 pm
8HamiltonDockyard5:45 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner5:45 pm
11St. George’sHamilton5:45 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill5:50 pm
9ProspectHamilton5:55 pm
4- sjHamiltonSpanish Point6:00 pm
5Pond HillHamilton6:00 pm
4-nsSpanish PointHamilton6:12 pm
10St. George’sHamilton6:15 pm
8Barnes CornerHamilton6:19 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill6:20 pm
7DockyardHamilton6:20 pm
8DockyardHamilton6:35 pm
8DockyardHamilton7:05 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner7:15 pm
8Barnes CornerHamilton7:49 pm

Still no official word from DPT. We’ll have more in subsequent reports.