Morning bus commuters will face another shutdown by Bermuda’s bus operators, who say “enough is enough” after more drivers tested positive and a total of 30 staff out, making it virtually impossible to run the service.

Bus operators were notified by the union’s Executive Team last night via an email sent to government authorities responsible for the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) and the Ministry of Transportation.

The list includes Dr Binns, Head of the Public Service, the Permanent Secretary and the Directors responsible for the Ministry of Transportation.

The letter, obtained by Bermuda Real, which was addressed to Mr Packwood, states: “It is sad that it has come to this but we have been forced to put the interest of the membership first while we continue to wait in limbo for actions to be taken.

“We have had the full day today and nothing has happened besides memos to be put up.

“Enough is enough and our Safety & Health must come first.

“We have over 30 persons out at DPT whether by testing positive or a close contact. OVER 30, again enough is enough. This matter shall go to the Premier if it needs to but how are we still trying to still have a full operation when we have over 30 persons out?

“The service should have been shut down to sanitize and to deep clean all areas before it spreads any further. What, we going wait until the entire membership is sent home?

“As of 9am tomorrow (Friday) morning, we will be withdrawing our Labour and the service will be shut down until management/government has done something about this!

“Please sign on as per normal and do your work until the next update is given.

“Your Executive Team thanks you for all the support and your patience.

“Stand by for any future updates in the morning.”

Bermuda Real reported earlier this week that six bus operators tested positive for COVID-19. More drivers have tested positive since then.

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