Progressive Labour Party (PLP) leader David Burt rolled out three more candidates and announced that all three will vie for seats held by One Bermuda Alliance incumbents.

Dennis Lister III, Crystal Caesar and Quinton Butterfield were introduced as the three new additions who have “their own unique skills and experience that will benefit their constituents and the island as a whole”.

At a news conference today, Mr Burt said: “With the General Election now 33 days away, the PLP is intent on presenting a winning team; a team with integrity, respect, experience and the determination to put the needs of Bermudians first.”

Speaking at Alaska Hall he said Mr Lister will run against Jeff Sousa in C28 Warwick West. Ms Caesar is slated to run in C31 Southampton West Central and Mr Butterfield will run next door in C30, Southampton East Central.

Mr Lister, a Somerset Trojans footballer, is the son of Dennis Lister, who is the PLPs longest serving MP elected in 1989, in Sandys North Central where he has served ever since.

The former member of the Bermuda Road Safety Council and a supporter of road side sobriety checks, he said tackling the serious problem of impaired driving was his top priority.

“Impaired driving is a very serious problem in Bermuda and I encourage everyone to think choose life. I support road side sobriety checks and encourage the police in their fight against impaired driving.”

Mr Lister cited the condition of the island’s schools – particularly TN Tatem Middle School – as one of the main concerns expressed by constituents as a major issue.

“We know the struggles that the government has, but each individual in a neighbourhood needs to feel important, and it’s best that the government, whether it is us or the present government, do everything they can about each individual community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Butterfield, owner of Central Diagnostics Medical Laboratory, will run in Southampton East Central, for the seat currently held by OBA MP Leah Scott.

He has served as a member of the Board of Education, as deputy chairman of the Bermuda College Board and as a member of the Air Operations Board. He noted his role as a candidate in the 1998 General Election which the PLP won for the first change in government in Bermuda’s history.

“I was here when we celebrated right here and I estimated that there were 10,000 to 12,000 people. I have never seen anything like that in Bermuda,” said Mr Butterfield. “I have never seen so much hope in this country, and I want that again. I intend to fight for that, along with my PLP colleagues.” But he said “difficult decisions” lie ahead on issues like immigration reform.

“Our people must understand that we must make some difficult decisions, and this is a balance that we must achieve. We must become a community where Bermudians feels supported and encouraged by their government, and not one where we feel we are second class citizens to guest workers or investors. However we must also ensure that our guest workers are welcome and that their investment in this island are very much appreciated.”

He also urged residents to make their voices heard in light of the fact that nearly 600 registered voters in the last General Election, which the PLP lost in Southampton East Central by 230 votes. He appealed to the electorate to get registered in the last few days left to do so to vote on July 18th.

Ms Caesar is a political newcomer who is the financial controller at ASW  Law, who will vie for the seat won by the late Shawn Crockwell for the OBA five years ago. She said she entered the political arena because she felt her interests and concerns were not a priority of the OBA.

“I believe we can and must do better to reduce the disparities between the two Bermudas, and to ensure that we all have access to opportunity,” she said. “Too many are being left behind, and in many cases we are suffering from an exodus of many young, talented, and intelligent people. We cannot afford to lose these young Bermudians.”

Mr Burt concluded: “The PLP is focused on ushering in a new type of leadership that, in government, will put Bermudians first.”

On Wednesday, he announced Wayne Caines, Anthony Richardson and Rose Ann Tucker as PLP  candidates. Mr Caines, will run in Devonshire North West, where former Premier Paula Cox lost her seat to OBA MP Glen Smith.

Mr Richardson will run in Hamilton South against OBA MP Sylvan Richards and Ms Tucker will run in Smith’s South where OBA MP Cole Simons has held the seat since 1998.