News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The eighth and final instalment of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute’s (BUEI) eight-part Island SOS (Sustainable Ocean Strategies) series is scheduled to take place at BUEI on Saturday, September 24th at 4pm.

The final island nation being celebrated is the Azores, with a presentation by Carolina Mendonça, Coordinator of the Azores DestinationMarketing Organisation (DMO), and Luz Paramio, member of the Executive Board of the Regional Science and Technology Fund (FRCT) at the Vice-Presidency of the AzoresRegional Government. The Azores DMOis the authority for the sustainability management of the Azores as a tourist destination, driving the development of sustainable tourism with partners in non-governmental organisations and in both the private and public sectors.

The Azores, a series of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, famously known for its proximity to Portugal, is home to a population of over 200,000. Like Bermuda, the Azores boasts tourism as being one of its many industries, bringing tourists from all over the world to engage with its natural and stunning beauty. However, in order for tourists to keep coming year on year, sustainability has become a key part of the island’s tourism efforts, as is here in Bermuda.

“The work of the Azores DMO is invaluable to the tourism of the Azores, regulating and promoting a sustainable set of tourism practices. The work they do ensures that generations of people from all over the world can enjoy and bask in the splendour that the Azores has to offer, something other island nations can positively learn from.” says BUEI CEO, Karla Lacey.

“Each BUEI Talk: ‘Island SOS’ presentation has focused on a different island topic, covering subject matters ranging from beach management master planning to zero waste event management and balancing community and commercial interests. The entire series has been generously sponsored by Chubb Bermuda.

“Our BUEI talks have taken place in front of a live audience in BUEI’s Tradewinds Auditorium, with overseas guests presenting online in real time. Each talk allows for an interactive Q&A between the presenter and the audience. Scheduled months from February to September, the other islands to be featured include Trinidad and Tobago, the Isle of Man and the Bahamas.”

Tickets to each BUEI Talks: ‘Island SOS’ presentation are $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Email info@buei.bmor call BUEI’s Oceans Gift Shop on 294-0202 to reserve a space.