News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – As the National Operator of the Foundation for Environmental Education programmes (FEE) in Bermuda, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is pleased to announce that our Education Team is introducing a Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Pilot Programme.

YRE is an environment-focused community journalism programme offered to Schools, Youth Groups or Individuals aged 11-25. The YRE programme allows students to use three Media Tools (writing, photography and film) to engage their audience inlocal environmental topics whilst building constructive journalism and investigative skills.

During BUEI’s Ocean Science and Eco-Easter Camps, our older campers had the opportunity of exploring the YRE curriculum through photography. Photos captured by our campers will be submitted into the YREannual International Competition which is assessed by an international jury and recognised on a global scale. This year, submissions will highlight environmental pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change.

The YRE International Competition accepts submissions in three different media categories; articles, photographs, and videos. 450,000+ students in 44 countries are currently involved in the YRE programme and over 19,000 photos, articles and videos are submitted annually.

This year, Bermuda will submit entries for the first time through the YRE Programme at BUEI!

In preparation for the YRE Environmental Journalism Competition, Geminii Photography will present a photo-based workshop at BUEI on Wednesday, April 12 from 4:30pm –5:30pm. We encourage all students aged 11-25with an interest in the environment, love to write, take photos or create short films to email ecoschools@buei.bmfor information on the workshop and the competition. BUEI will be accepting submissions between April 1st-21st.

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