News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) proudly kicked off its 25th Anniversary celebration yesterday (July 13). Since the opening of BUEI on July10th, 1997, our vision,“the ocean around Bermuda is widely understood, appreciated and protected”, has remained as relevant today as it was 25 years ago. We are honoured to continue serving our community and beyond in this capacity by educating all who enjoy our exhibits and take part in our educational programmes.

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Act 1992, passed by Bermuda’s Parliament, established BUEI’s principal purposes as to:

• Advance the knowledge and understanding of the ocean, from the surface to the deep ocean floor

• Encourage the protection and preservation of the marine environment and all that is beneath the ocean

• Preserve and display for the public artefacts, documents, and other goods and materials relating to the ocean and the underwater marine environment

• Promote, principally through exhibitions, and otherwise encourage historical and scientific research related to the ocean, particularly as it relates the ocean around Bermuda

• Educate the public of all ages, using the latest sophisticated multi-media techniques, concerning the wonders of the ocean

• Foster close cooperation between similar institutions, both locally and overseas, in order to advance the understanding, appreciation and knowledge of all that exists beneath the ocean

• To mark this momentous occasion, BUEI hosted a Time Capsule Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, July 13th. In attendance were BUEI Founding Members and Trustees, current and former Board members, former Executive Directors, and current BUEI Camp participants. During the celebratory event, the 1997–2022 capsule was excavated from the main entrance of BUEI, and its contents presented to all inattendance. Preserved items from the time capsule included a BUEI Brochure, List of Members of Committees, Teddy Tucker Map, a Royal Gazette newspaper dated May 21, 1997, and letters from donors, community supporters and campers, and other memorabilia.

“As the current CEO and caretaker of this dynamic institution, I’m proud to report that BUEI has continually evolved to keep Bermuda’s marine history alive, and to support conservation and anappreciation for the ocean, while also providing education opportunities to tens of thousands of students and visitors to ourfacility,” said BUEI CEO, Karla Lacey, in her remarks to attendees.

“The BUEI of today is a testament to the impact of your input and support. Thank you.”The celebration continues this Saturday, July 16th, with a birthday party for BUEI’s mascot,Gilbert the Shark, known fondly by many as Gilly.

The Gilly Giveaway event, featuring stuffed toys of Gilly, the six-gilled shark will take place during our ‘Kids Hour at 11am and 2pm at BUEI. Kids Hour Saturdays are free for members (Single Parent through Adventurer Tier) and all care givers, and $2.50 per child for non-members. Please note, caregivers must stay on site for the hour. To register for BUEI’s Kids Hour Saturdays, please call 294-0204.