No official word yet on whether Transport Minister Wayne Furbert plans to answers a slew of questions on the ridesharing proposal by Monday, June 10.

This after the Minister acknowledged the concerns raised by the Bermuda Taxi Owners & Operators Association (BTOA) demanded answers at a news conference held last Monday (June 3).

Shortly after that conference, a spokesperson for the Ministry said: “The Ministry of Transport notes the questions that the media has posed following the BTOA press conference.

“On Wednesday, the Minister of Transport, Wayne Furbert, invited the BTOA Executive to meet on Friday, June 7, as he wishes to discuss the concerns raised by the BTOA, while ensuring that the Government solves the problem of the transportation gaps experienced by our residents and visitors.

“It is the desire of the Minister to discuss these items in a collaborative fashion and not through the media,” the spokesperson added.

“Collaboration is key to making transportation work better and the Minister looks forward to continued dialogue with the BTOA Executive as the Government works to improve transportation in Bermuda and reduce the complaints from our residents and visitors.”

An update was due to be issued after that meeting, but the meeting never materialized.

When contacted by Bermuda Real this weekend, a spokesperson said the executive of the BTOA plans to meet today.

And they expect a response to the questions raised at their news conference last week by tomorrow.

That message was relayed to the Department of Communications representative for the Ministry.

Her response on behalf of the Minister and/or Ministry is still pending.