News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Pursuant to Article 11-Meetings; of the BTOA Constitution, a Special General Meeting was called with the sole purpose of resuming the aborted AGM of August 6th, 2021, due to the untimely resignation of the former President, D Frost and the Treasurer, T Taylor, months prior. During this meeting at St Paul’s Christian Education Centre and via ZOOM, the current paid membership have voted and the following persons having been duly elected to serve the BTOA and its Membership until March 2023.

Dennis Furbert, President
David Dumont, Vice-President
Shari-Lynn Pringle, Secretary
Michee Barclay, Treasurer
Nigel Richardson, Public Relations
The newly elected Executive Team wishes to express its thanks to the BTOA Members and indeed the previous Executive for their support and efforts over what has been a difficult two years for the industry and the entire Island.
President elect Dennis Furbert added: “We hope to, in short order, meet with Minister Scott and our other industry partners to ensure that we can continue to provide the services that our clients deserve, both locals and visitors alike in spite of the unprecedented and uncertain challenges faced by all of us recently.”
The objectives and purpose of the Association are to provide a forum for and to represent, Taxi Owners and Drivers (Affiliates) in matters relating to the operation of Motor Taxis in Bermuda.
Sent on behalf of the BTOA President. Mr D Furbert