Feature Photos: LITT – Lost In The Triangle, Bermuda

News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda (March 28, 2020) Bermuda’s beloved eateries have long filled a need for residents and visitors alike, with menus boasting culinary favourites from peas ’n’ rice and pizza to fishcakes on raisin rolls. Now they need our help.

Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) is rallying support for local restaurants and their employees who are raising the industry bar during COVID-19 via innovative business models such as home, takeout and kerbside deliveries.

Next Thursday, April 2, the BTA is promoting ‘The Great Bermuda Takeout Day’ to encourage residents to take advantage of those options by ordering takeout or delivery.

“Bermuda is well known for its boasty food culture and genuine hospitality that set the island apart,” said BTA Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Victoria Isley. “So, we’re proud to invite everyone to join this effort by contacting restaurants island-wide to order breakfast, lunch or dinner—or all three! We hope this helps boost dollars and morale for our valued restaurant stakeholders.”

The Great Bermuda Takeout Day initiative is part of several being developed by the BTA’s internal COVID-19 Stakeholder Taskforce, made up of team members of its New York and Bermuda offices. Earlier this week, the BTA launched a dedicated page on GoToBermuda.com promoting more than 150 operational businesses, including a host of nearly 60 local food and beverage outlets that are showing innovation to reach customers amid social-distancing restrictions. Restaurants can join the listing by completing a brief online form on the site.

“COVID-19 has hit our industry hard with closure of all our sit-in spaces,” said Phil Barnett, a BTA Director and representative of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Division. “We are doing everything in our power to keep as many of our team members employed and working—but we need the community’s support more than ever. So, savour some sushi. Hurry for a curry. Bite into a burger. Our industry appreciates it!”

To participate in “The Great Bermuda Takeout Day” April 2, residents are encouraged to go online or call restaurants to order meals for takeout or delivery. You can also like or share BTA’s social posts on #GreatBermudaTakeoutDay and share your own culinary adventures that day.

Be sure to get your evening orders in early to comply with any government public-health curfew restrictions or guidelines in effect April 2.