BTA HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) announces its first-ever Bermuda Vegan Fest that will take place on August 20th, from 11 am to 5 pm. This inaugural event will journey into wellness and sustainability, featuring a curated selection of 21 vendors stationed at The Royal Naval Dockyard on the North Lawn.

The festival aims to foster inclusivity in the culinary landscape, appealing to both visitors and residents alike.The highlight anticipated event is open to all, and attendees can expect to enjoy an array of live entertainment series, and engage in inspiring discussions, thought-provoking performances, and a free yoga session. With free entry, patrons are encouraged to bring cash to support the vendors who will have an enticing array of plant-based delights and products for sale.Bermuda Vegan Fest promises an unforgettable culinary journey with over 20 confirmed vendors, including:

Plant-based Fuel by Chef Trevor Johnston: Experience the creativity and passion of this renowned chef as he presents mouthwatering plant-based street food.

Alkaline Triangle by Chef Jamel Minors: Delight in alkaline-specific foods and explore the wonders of this unique culinary approach.Modern Temple Catering: Indulge in the innovative dishes crafted by this culinary team, redefining vegan fine dining.

Nourished by Chef Shawn Talbot: Delight in a diverse array of plant-based meals featuring a fusion of global flavours and the goodness of Bermuda’s natural plants and herbs.

Wild Herbs by Chef Doreen Williams James: Discover a fusion of local plants and herbs infused into delectable desserts and freshly pressed juices. Beyond the delectable food offerings, Vegan Fest provides a platform for engaging conversations and educational opportunities throughout the day. Various discussions on veganism, sustainability, nutrition, and more will be held, inspiring visitors to embrace a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle. Well- known Vegan Advocate and Content Creator Todd Anderson (@turnipvegan), co-owner of Spoiled Vegans Café who shares a peek into his vegan lifestyle with millions daily, will travel to Bermuda to attend the first-ever Bermuda Vegan Fest.

Emani Corcran, the creator of the popular vegan food blog Blk and Vegan, will also be in attendance, sharing her love for vegan cuisine and sustainable living.“This new culinary experience provides Bermuda with another great opportunity to showcase our diverse food offerings to visitors and locals while celebrating and supporting sustainability efforts in our destination,” said Tashae Thompson, VP of Experiences.  As our visitors seek unique experiences around food, culture and wellness, Vegan Fest provides the perfect experience to meet today’s evolving travellers.”We want to challenge the perception that healthy eating can be bland or lacking in creative options within Bermuda,” shared Trevor Johnston.

“Our goal is to astound attendees with visually stunning, unique plant-based dishes that not only tantalise their taste buds but also leave them in awe, prompting the realisation that vegan cuisine can be extraordinary.”

Mark your calendars for the inaugural Vegan Fest providing a Bermuda experience celebrating diverse cuisine, inclusivity, and innovation.For more information and to see the full event lineup, visit