The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, is seeking a vendor to deliver online ticket selling for public ferry rides.

A Request for Proposal was published on Monday, to attract local and international bidders.

The BTA cites increased convenience for ferry passengers as the main objective for seeking this new fare solution.

A spokesman said: “The point of sale will be designed to take place online so riders can show proof of purchase without paper, using their smartphones instead.

“For visitors this should result in shorter lines and wait times at Visitor Service Centres, where large numbers of cruise passengers queue to buy fares, usually all at once.

“The Visitor Service Centres provide free Wi-Fi, which will enable visitors to be processed quickly,” he added.

“Similarly, local riders would be able to buy fares on their computer or smartphone and complete their ferry ride without the need for paper tickets or tokens.

“As electronic sales increase the Government’s cost of printing tickets should be reduced.”

The full RFP is available on the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s corporate website at the Requests for Proposals page.

The deadline for responses is Friday, March 9, 2018.