In a tourism year totally upside-down, this is the busiest week of 2020 for the local tourism industry. 

Interim CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) and Chief Experience Development Officer, Glenn Jones released this video on Tuesday (October 27), on the week’s activities.

“In a year when the travel industry is upside-down, this week, in the heart of fall, will be the busiest week of the year for Bermuda’s tourism industry,” said Mr Jones.

“This is especially important for small business owners, event planners and hotel workers because this gives them a chance to recover some of what was lost this year.

“On golf courses and rugby fields…on the water and at local marinas…we expect a flurry of distinctly Bermuda experiences that will put the tourism industry to work and bring back some of what we do best.

He was joined by BTA colleagues Hazel Clark, Director of Sports Business Development and Tashae Thompson, Assistant Director of Experience Development, to explain what’s happening this week across the island with three professional sporting events, plus the first-ever Catamaran and Yacht Week.