News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda (March 25, 2019) – A Bermuda Tourism Authority marketing partnership with Airbnb has turned in very impressive numbers on social media. A two-week long Bermuda-themed campaign this past December generated almost 5 million impressions among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users in North America and Europe.

Facebook reached the most individuals in the campaign at about 3 million impressions, more than half the total. Twitter and Instagram split the remaining reach numbers, bringing the total reach to 4.8 million social media impressions. Importantly, data analysis also reveals that engagement rates of social media users during the Bermuda campaign were two to three times higher than a typical Airbnb social media promotion featuring a destination. Like impressions, the engagement rate (total impressions divided by clicks, likes, etc.) was especially strong on Facebook in North America and the United Kingdom.

“The campaign leveraged alluring photography provided by the Bermuda Tourism Authority and local photographer Meredith Andrews that were distributed through Airbnb’s impressive social channels,” said Victoria Isley, chief sales and marketing officer for the Bermuda Tourism Authority. “Bermuda’s interesting neighborhoods and experiential activities, as well as featured individual vacation rental listings, proved to be compelling content that generated excellent engagement and awareness within their social communities.”

Back in March 2017, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Airbnb signed a partnership agreement which facilitated collaboration on marketing campaigns, the sharing of market performance data, frictionless fee collection from vacation rental guests and other important industry developments.