News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Road Safety Council (BRSC) would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists of their duty to drive safely while on the roads. As we enter into March our topic of the month is “Maintain your distance”.

What does it mean to ‘Maintain your distance’?

Maintain your distance promotes drivers to remain a safe space behind the vehicle in front of them while driving. The term “following distance” is used to define the distance that you should be behind a vehicle. The correct ‘following distance’ is 2 seconds in good driving conditions and 4 in bad conditions. To measure your distance is to time when the vehicle in front of you passes a stationery object and compare it to when your vehicle passes that same object. By keeping the correct following distance it will enable you to have enough time to react to any situation which takes place in front of you.

Maintaining your distance helps to combat the prevalent problem of tailgating in Bermuda Tailgating is dangerous. It is dangerous because, if the vehicle in front has to suddenly stop, there is no time for the vehicle behind it to safely react if tailgating exist. Maintaining your distance, avoiding tailgating and focusing on the road are a few practices which should form positive behaviors on the road.

With the re-instituting of the curfew there will be a shorten time period to go out and socialize. The Bermuda Road Safety Council reminds all drivers to plan. If you are planning to go out to drink, also plan how to get home safely. There are many options available to consider. Hire a taxi or minibus, have a designated driver, or utilize HOMESAFE and HITCH. Lastly call a friend or family member to come get you.

The Road Safety Council continues to advocate for its mandate to educate and raise awareness for road safety in Bermuda. We all must to do our individual part to help make our roads safer.

Drive with care and caution, don’t drink and drive, and slow down Bermuda.