News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Road Safety Council (BRSC) wants to remind the motoring public of the need to give their full focus while driving or riding. Distracted driving is as dangerous as speeding or driving while intoxicated, because in a moment anything can happen, and the driver is not able to react sufficiently. 

While driving, all drivers must drive at the appropriate distance behind the vehicle in front of them to have adequate time to react, this time is called the Reaction Time.

The Reaction Time is composed of 3 components. 1) Perception time and distance – this is the time it takes to recognize and understand a situation. It is also how far a vehicle travels during this time.  2) Reaction time – this is how long it takes to respond to a situation, by moving your foot from the accelerator (gas) pedal to the brake pedal. The average reaction time is 3/4 of a second. The distance travel during this time is called the reaction distance.  3) Braking Time – this is the time it takes a vehicle to stop once the brakes have been applied. The distance a vehicle travels during this time is called the braking distance.

Giving your full focus and attention to driving is important so that drivers can be aware and ready to react to any situation that can arise.  Driver must give the adequate time and distance needed to recognize any situation and properly react to it. 

Being distracted and not giving your full attention to driving, reduces your ability to be aware and recognize situations that may happen while driving. This is dangerous and an offense against the law, don’t do it. 

As we enter the month of February, let’s re-focus on good driving behaviors and reducing distractions. Drivers we implore you to give your full focus and attention to driving and drive at the adequate distance behind the vehicle to give yourself the proper Reaction Time, to any situation that may arise. 

Don’t drink and drive, drive with care and caution, and slow down Bermuda. “