News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Road Safety Council (BRSC) would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our call for safer roads.

The recent road traffic collisions (RTC) re-emphasise the importance of safe driving and riding. The disregard of traffic laws and reckless behaviours seen on our roads is of utmost concern to the council. We reiterate our call to the public for their heightened focus on improving their actions. While RTC’s are frequent, it is evident that reckless conduct is often the cause. From high speed to dangerous driving, to driving while using a phone, these types of collisions are preventable with heightened care.

Furthermore, travelling at speeds high above the speed limit, overtaking on dangerous road sections and riders overtaking with oncoming traffic are all behaviours that increase the chance of collisions. We can reduce traffic collisions stemming from these actions by following the traffic laws and practising good driving behaviours. These actions and many others are a choice made by drivers; we must make better choices. 

Bermuda, we all have a choice to make lets choose to make our roads safer. 

Drive with care and caution, don’t drink and drive and SLOW down Bermuda!!!