New York Daily News: BROOKLYN (EXCLUSIVE) – A Brooklyn woman accused of fatally shooting her 28-year-old son in the head dragged him bleeding down the stairs of their Crown Heights home, dumped him outside — and cold-heartedly stepped over him to walk away as cops arrived, a shocked family friend told the Daily News Tuesday.

Victim Christopher Jenkins was still calling out like a child for his mother even as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk from two gunshot wounds to the head in front of their home on Pacific St. near Utica Ave. on October 12.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy,” Jenkins wailed as his mother dragged him out of the building, according to a longtime friend who lives upstairs from the family and witnessed the shooting’s aftermath. “‘My mom shot me, my mom shot me.’”

Jenkins clung to life for 12 days on life support before dying. But Jenkins remained conscious long enough to finger his mother to cops before he slipped into a coma from which he never recovered.

“My mother shot me,” Jenkins told police as they rendered care. “I’m dying.” The exchange was captured on the cops’ body-worn cameras, according to court papers.

Medics rushed Jenkins to Kings County Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery and was put on life support. He died there on Oct. 24, authorities said.

Cops arrested Jenkins’ mother, Vanessa Jenkins, and charged her with attempted murder, weapon possession and criminal use of a firearm. She is being held on Rikers Island on $1 million bond.

Brooklyn prosecutors said in court papers that Vanessa Jenkins “had a confrontation” with her son before allegedly shooting him. She could face upgraded charges in the wake of her son’s death.

A friend of the victim who gave his name only as Richard who lives upstairs from the family said he was outside the building and heard mother and son arguing inside before the gunshots rang out

Then there was an eerie silence.

“Everything got quiet,” said Richard. “The door opened. I see her dragging the boy down the stairs. She dragged him out of the house.”

Richard said he locked eyes with the victim and rushed to his aid.

“When he heard my voice, he called me,” Richard said. ”He grabbed my leg. I still got blood on those pants. I picked him up. He was like. ‘My mom shot me in my head, my leg, my arm.’ That’s what he kept saying. He was still responsive — the man was responsive all the way until the police came and he still was saying, ‘My mom shot me, my mom shot me.’”

Richard couldn’t get over the mother’s reaction.

“The wild thing was, she walked right over him and walked away,” Richard said. “In front of the police.”

Richard and others said it was unclear what the argument was about. Officials said both have criminal histories.

NYPD cops respond to the shooting on Pacific St. on Oct. 12.
NYPD cops respond to the shooting on Pacific St on Oct 12 – Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News

Vanessa Jenkins’ father, who did not want to be named, said he was shocked over what happened.

“She’s a very nice person,” he said. “I am very surprised. Stuff happens, you understand. It’s one of those things that happens and you have to deal with it. I grew up in the Caribbean and things like this don’t happen there.”

He said he hadn’t seen his grandson in years but that nonetheless it feels like two people died, his daughter in jail and his grandson dead.

“You lose two family members,” he said. “I know you hear about this thing on the news but it’s different when it happens to you. We’re just mourning.”“Sending a big shout out to my one n only son”, Vanessa Jenkins wrote to Christopher in a 2015 Facebook post. “Hope u live to see many more, stay safe I love u always.”

In May of this year, Vanessa Jenkins proudly posted on Instagram a certificate showing she had completed a gun safety course in Florida, authorizing her to carry a concealed weapon.

“No more talking, I’m legal now,” she boasted in the post.

Vanessa Jenkins has been arrested five times before but all the cases are sealed, police sources said. Several of the arrests involve assaults but it wasn’t clear if any involve her son, the sources said.

Top Feature Photo: Christopher Jenkins (left) died after allegedly being shot in the head by his mother, Vanessa Jenkins (right), during a clash in their Brooklyn home on Pacific St near Utica Ave in Crown Heights about 9:50pm on Oct 12, 2022.