A British holidaymaker was shot dead in Argentina during an armed robbery outside a five-star hotel in Buenos Aires on Saturday (December 14).

Mail Online reports: “Motorbike-riding gunmen opened fire on the 35-year-old and another Briton, 28, during a violent struggle in Buenos Aires in which the tourists refused to give up their possessions.

“The bullet hit the 35-year-old in the right armpit before burying in his chest and possibly penetrating his lung, according to local media.

“The 28-year-old was shot in the thigh and is in serious condition in hospital, but luckily did not suffer damage to his femoral artery.

“Both men were jumped on the doorstep of the Faena Art Hotel at about 11.04am local time today.

“Neighbours said the Britons would not hand over their luggage and tried to fend off the attackers before sustaining gunfire.”

One witness said she was walking her dog when suddenly she saw a scrum of people gathered around bodies outside the hotel entrance, the report added.

“Argentinian detectives are trying to identify the so-far unnamed Britons – it is unclear if they were guests at the Faena Art Hotel.”