New security measures have been brought in at a branch of the fast food chain in Chelmsley Wood in Solihull to protect workers after a series of reported incidents.

The Mirror reports: “KFC staff are serving chicken meals from behind security wiring to protect workers after a string of incidents.

“The fast food giant said it had taken the measure after a member of staff was attacked at a branch in Chelmsley Wood in Solihull.

“Employees there are safeguarded by rows of metal, reportedly to stop intruders getting behind the counter, Birmingham Live reports.

“There are gaps big enough for a family chicken bucket to pass – but is small enough to protect staff from any potential threat.

“The fixtures – secured by chunky metal bars bolted from the counter to the ceilings – were introduced after fighting and an incident involving a worker, Birmingham Live was told.

“A girl reportedly jumped over the counter and struck a staff member in the kitchen, a manager at the branch said.”

One customer visiting the store on Sunday said: “I’m not surprised they’ve resorted to this. It’s moody as anything.

“I’ll only come in the daytime as it is all gangs of teenagers come the evenings, its like they have nothing better to do. Its always kicking off around here.

“It looks like chicken wire, which is ironic. It’s unsightly too, its has an airport security feel about it.”

Another customer, Joanne Marshall, 19, a college student, said: “I don’t feel unsafe here as there’s security staff here but its a bit unnerving to see security barriers at a KFC.

“It’s a sign of the times I suppose.”

When asked about the security measures at the branch, one staff member said: “We’ve had a few problems with fights so its for our safety.

“One of our girls was attacked, people have jumped over the counter before. It’s fine most of the time but we’ve had a few issues, shall we say.”

A spokeswoman for KFC said: “Something happened a few months ago. It’s for our safety, a few months ago a girl jumped over and hit one of the staff members.

“So they just put it up for safety. It was put up in August.”

When quizzed over the fixture, another staff member added: “It’s for our safety because of the fights. There’s been fights happening yeah.”

“Several Midland fast-food restaurants have taken extra security measures to protect staff and customers from yobs in recent years,” the report said.

In 2018, Birmingham Live told how rival McDonald’s and KFC branches in Park Street, Walsall town centre, had put bouncers on the door.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said then: “Unfortunately the area around our restaurant has experienced some anti-social issues and this action has been taken in consultation with the local police in order to safeguard our customers and crew.”
A KFC Spokesperson added: “After some recent anti-social behaviour in the area, we’ve worked in partnership with local police and put security into our Park Street restaurant to help prevent any further incidents.”
  • The KFC in Chelmsley Wood where the measures have been introduced Images: BPM Media