Just two years after he started his own homebased business in February 2019, Bermudian entrepreneur Ahmani Peets is about to step out into the global arena to sell Ahmani’s Cookies online.

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the tender age of two-years-old, the 19-year-old’s father, Anthony Peets says they signed off on a new deal with DHL last week.

“We will be doing test shipments with customers and will go live in about three weeks with a major share via our three Social Media Platforms,” said Mr Peets.

Located at 12 locations and climbing around the island, Ahmani’s cookies will soon be available at two locations at the LF Wade International Airport as well.

And there are plans underway to design a scented candle in his name and the proceeds will assist other children on the autism spectrum with speech therapy and other services.

His brand theme for more than 70 recipes, which he has memorised, is: ‘One Bite ‘N You’re Alright!’ And his products include chocolate chip cookies, Captain Crunch cookies with three different types of chocolate in them.

Ahmani also bakes cheesecakes and vegan goodies.

As a result of his growing business, Mr Peets said: “Ahmani makes thousands and thousands of cookies each week.

“We have a wonderful support in our country and lots of people from around the planet, who just can’t wait to do their orders.”

Have a look at Ahmani’s Brand Video, which was posted on YouTube on June 11, 2021.

For more information, go to Ahmani’s website: ahmaniscookiecompany.com and congratulations to the Peets family and Ahmani’s homebased business.