Assistant Commissioner Antoine Daniels confirmed today that the Bermuda Police Service are currently “recording the full facts” surrounding allegations made in the House of Assembly that former Attorney General Trevor Moniz, “committed offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act”.

The official response was issued today by Mr Daniels, who said: “The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is aware of the statements that have been made about this case.

“We are in the process of recording the full facts and consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine whether the circumstances may amount to any specific criminal offences.”

Premier David Burt

Earlier this month, Premier David Burt repeated the call for a full investigation on what he termed the abuse of power by the former AG in his handling of the Government’s lawsuit against Lahey Clinic.

Speaking in the House of Assembly, he said the One Bermuda Alliance MP broke the law when he obtained information from government departments without a court order.

The civil lawsuit named former Premier Dr Ewart Brown as a co-conspirator with Lahey to defraud Bermuda’s healthcare system of millions.

The case was ultimately dismissed by US Federal Judge Indira Taiwani in a Massachusetts District Court earlier this month.

Mr Burt said that he had hoped that members of the Bermuda Police Service, the DPP,  “persons in Government House and our newly appointed Deputy Governor were “listening” when he told MPs that Mr Moniz “abused his office”.

Former Attorney General Trevor Moniz

“He obtained government files unlawfully because he did not obtain a court order before he got access to those files in a civil recovery investigation and he mishandled that information because he did not have any rules by which that information could be held,” said the Premier.

“He also used the information used the information of which he gained contrary to law because the only way of which he could have done it was through a civil recovery proceeding and that would have been here in Bermuda or he could have filed an external one underneath our mutual legal assistance. But he did not,” he added.

The repeated call for a police investigation came after Mr Moniz was unceremoniously kicked out of the House on March 9.

One week later, Mr Moniz, in a personal explanation to his parliamentary colleagues, denied shredding documents or using documents from a parallel criminal case to support a civil case. And he denied that he breached Bermuda’s Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the United States.