Stephen Corbishley, Commissioner of Police

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has confirmed that the police will pay for the American tourist seriously injured in a collision with a police motorcycle to be flown overseas for further treatment.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said: “I feel it is necessary to respond in regards to recent articles relating to the collision on Burnaby Street, City of Hamilton at 5:25pm on Monday 17th of June 2019.

“This was a terrible incident where an American tourist has been seriously injured.

“The Bermuda Police Service has responded in making payment to medivac her to receive care for her injuries in the United States.

““This decision was taken on humanitarian grounds in light of her insurance position and urgent medical need, irrespective of the full circumstances of the collision not yet being established.”

In keeping with standard practice, the Commissioner also confirmed that the BPS is in consultation with the Police Complaints Authority over the incident.

The collision occurred during the Parade of Bands on National Heroes Day in an area closed to traffic with the exception of emergency vehicles.

“CCTV evidence has been examined that captures the circumstances of the collision and a statement from the injured party has been taken by the BPS, alongside other witnesses that will be interviewed, including the police motorcyclist,” said Mr Corbishley.

“I do recognise the public’s concern when police officers are involved in collisions with members of the public and a thorough investigation continues, to which the injured person and her family will be informed on throughout.”