Earlier this week Bermuda Real reported on the “farewell” post published by Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley on the last day of service by Staff Officer Calvin Smith, who retired after 42 years of public service.

In follow up to that report, a police spokesman said: “Earlier this week, at 5pm Monday 31st May, Staff Officer Calvin Smith officially retired from the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] after over 42 years of public service – which saw him receive the Overseas Territories Police Medal in 2016.

“Calvin (known by many as Cal) Smith joined the BPS in 1984, having already served with the Bermuda Regiment. He has worked in nearly every area of the Service; has an extensive investigative background in the Criminal Investigation Department and the Serious Crime Unit, and has received 14 Commissioner’s Commendations for his detective work.

“He served for five years as the Head of Special Branch and was the Government Security Officer until 2008. He then served as the Tasking Manager in the Intelligence Division and has attended several courses both locally & overseas.


“During his career Cal also received two Commissioner’s Merit Awards, one Bermuda Reserve Police Merit Award, 30 Letters of Good Work, the Bermuda Police Service Long Service Award [18 years], several trophies and certificates for both local and overseas sports tournaments as well as the 2007/2008 Bermuda Police Service Officer of the Year Award and the 2009 AKA Man of the Year Award.

“In addition, he is still involved with the Police Week Committee [starting from 2007, to date]. In 2018, Cal was voted President of the BPS Ex-Police Officers’ Association and remains in that post.

“Cal reached the rank of Chief Inspector and started his tenure as the Commissioner’s Staff Officer in March 2016, as a Chief Inspector. He served as Staff Officer until 31st May 2021, assisting both former Commissioner Michael DeSilva and current Commissioner Stephen Corbishley, before retiring from the police. Including his service with the Bermuda Regiment from 1979, Cal’s total service to the people of Bermuda is over 42 years.

“Cal’s service to the community has been exceptional – and over many years. From the protection of visiting members of the Royal Family, Prime Ministers and overseas VIPs, right through to the investigation of serious crime, he has ticked the lot.

“Cal is well known for his involvement in community organisations and has served on several committees such as the Bermuda Police Service Cricket Section; the Bermuda Police Service Soccer Section – Secretary; the Bermuda Police Service Police Recreation Club Executive Committee; the Bermuda Police Service Critical Incident Stress Management Team; the Bermuda 400th Anniversary Committee [Bermuda Tattoo 2009]; the Bermuda Police Service Police Week Committee Co-Chairman (2007/2008); the Fraternal Organizations; the Government Security Officer – Emergency Measures Organisation; the Prosecutor Discipline Committee [Bermuda Football Association]; the Bermuda Government Protective Security Committee; the Bermuda Government Seaports Security Committee; the St. George’s Cricket Club; the North Village Community Club; and the Leopards Club International.

“Last but certainly not least, Cal expressed his eternal gratitude regarding the support he has received over the years from his loved ones – particularly his significant other Ms. Lisa Rivas, his two children Justin and Dominque and his new heartbeats, grandchildren Solae’ and Cali.”

Summing it all up, he said: “It was very sad to experience the final day of service in the BPS as the Commissioner’s Staff Officer. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my policing career and wouldn’t have it any other way.”