The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) will be out in full force this holiday weekend, with a series of “proactive policing initiatives” to ensure a safe and peaceful Easter.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Martin Weeks said today, there will be a visible police presence at several community events across the island on Good Friday and throughout the weekend.

“We apologise in advance and seek the patience of members of the public who may feel the effects of our proactive policing initiatives which can be expected throughout the weekend as we focus our attention on deterring and arresting those persons who are intent on disrupting the holiday festivities with acts of violence and criminality,” he said.

“During this period, we expect to see a large number of kites flying as part of Bermuda’s Easter traditions and we urge the public to be considerate of your neighbours when flying your kites.

“Please take note of the safety advice issued by Belco as well as the advisory notices published by the airport authorities in regards to kites being flown near the airport or on the airport approaches.”

A police spokesman noted that the number of noise complaints increase over the Easter holiday weekend.

“We ask that you work together with your neighbours to prevent any disputes and resolve any issues with minimal police interference,” he said.

Roadside sobriety checks will be conducted across the island, starting this evening.

“We urge the public that if you’re going to drink, make sure that you have a designated driver,” the spokesman added.

“Do not drink and drive.”