Just days before the Shelter in Place regulations are set to wind down as of 6am Saturday morning, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Martin Weekes, is urging motorists to just slow down.

While the order resulted in fewer vehicles on our roads, Mr Weekes said: “Some drivers have taken this as license to travel at rates of speed that exceed the current speed limit.

“We remind you that the rules of the road still apply despite the current climate and the Bermuda Police Service Roads Policing Unit will be stringently enforcing those rules.

“We advise that you stay within the speed limit and exercise caution as you traverse the island’s roadways,” he said.

“Particularly as you approach the Vehicle Road Check Points located throughout the island and which are there to ensure the safety of all of us.

“Let’s please show care and consideration for the frontline workers manning these checkpoints and indeed for each other as more people use the roads for exercise due to the closure of the parks, beaches and railway trails.

“Let’s avoid any untoward situations during these already stressful times.”