Backed by reserves and Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers, 70 police officers have been assigned to the 2017 Annual Cup Match policing plan, to cover roughly 20 events scheduled over the long holiday weekend.

Superintendent Darrin Simons met with the media earlier this week to encourage members of the public to be extra vigilant as he appealed for public assistance.

“The police will be conducting high visibility patrols and community engagement throughout this period in an effort to increase community safety and reduce problems associated with antisocial behaviour,” he said.

“We recognise there is a small but determined group of individuals who, who sadly, are intent on disrupting the peace and tranquility of our island.

“The policing aim is to reduce opportunities for these types of disturbances to occur. We need the public’s help. We need the public to be vigilant. If you see something say something. Anyone who is acting in a dangerous and or suspicious manner please call us and let us know what’s going on.”

He also urged residents to “always be aware of the distribution and consumption of alcohol”. “Historically alcohol has been a major contributing factor in many of the disturbances we have seen,” said Mr Simons.

“Persons, who are hosting events whether large or small, are responsible for those events are managed. Please take into consideration the age, psychological and physical state of individuals who are consuming alcohol and most importantly always be aware of your environment.

“From a public safety perspective the police will be patrolling on both land and sea, conducting routine patrol and traffic enforcement initiatives.

“We will also provide a high visibility presence at various public events during the holiday period in support of organisers to deliver safe, and as far as practicable, trouble free events.”

He noted that “there will be a visible police presence at Horseshoe Bay Beach and again at Mangrove Bay during the Non Mariners race on Sunday, August 6th to reduce opportunities and minimize the risk of antisocial behviour occurring, provide an appropriate police response to any unlawful incidents and to provide reassurance to the local community, as well as to those attending these events”.

A Traffic Order has also been granted by the Ministry of Public Works authorising the Bermuda Police Service to restrict vehicle access to Wellington Slip Road during the two days of Cup Match.

Traffic restrictions will be in place from 9am to 8pm on both days of Cup Match.

Residents will be required to show proof that they reside in the area. They will also be required to meet their guests at the Wellington Slip Road entrance.

“Whilst the BPS understand that the closure or restriction of vehicular access to Wellington Slip Road will cause some inconvenience to residents, these measures have been put in place to ensure that Wellington Slip Road remains free of vehicular obstructions should there be an incident that requires the attendance of emergency services,” said Mr Simons.

Motorists with prepaid parking at the nearby boatyard will be required to display a valid sticker obtained from the boatyard.