News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – As the Bermuda Post Office (BPO) continues to modernise and reinvent itself by offering services needed by local businesses, the Ministry for the Cabinet Office is pleased to advise the public that the BPO is now offering a Drop-and-Deliver Service. This service will further enhance those offered and allow local businesses to use the BPO to deliver products to their clients in Bermuda and overseas.  

This value-added service will allow local e-commerce, as well as the traditional brick-and-mortar vendors that do not have a delivery network, the option of dropping-off mail items and packages to the Bermuda Post Office for local delivery within 24 hours.   As a bonus, they can also arrange for the Post Office to pick up packages weighing up to 25lbs from their place of business and deliver them for $7.50 per item, thus providing local businesses with an affordable last-mile delivery and logistics service.  

Additionally, as Bermuda based businesses now compete globally, Government must provide them with the resources to help them thrive. To that end, the Ministry is excited to advise the public of an add on feature of the Drop-and-Deliver service that will assist small business owners with expanding their reach internationally. Upon agreement, small businesses wishing to ship goods or merchandise overseas can arrange for pick up and overseas shipping by the BPO.  Pick-up is free, and customers will find that the BPO postage rates for this service are consistently at least forty per cent (40%) of what couriers typically charge and can be reviewed at  

At this time, it is essential to clarify that the Bermuda Post Office’s MyBermudaPost service agreement is with Access USA Shipping LLC and valued at $24,000; it falls below the threshold that requires procurement and Cabinet approval. The Ministry is aware of possible legal challenges relating to this agreement and cannot comment any further on the matter. 

Lastly, this Government remains committed to Bermuda and assisting local businesses with overcoming the economic challenges we now face by removing barriers that impede local and international growth.