New York Post: BROOKLYN, NY – A 9-year-old boy was slashed after getting into a beef with another youngster at a Brooklyn playground Sunday, sources said.

The unnamed boy was at Lincoln Terrace Park in Crown Heights around 11:30 a.m. when he got into an argument with another 9-year-old boy, the sources said.

One of the kids then picked up a piece of broken glass and slashed the young victim in the right buttocks before running off.

The injured boy required three stitches to close the gash but is expected to fully recover.

Police did not release his name and have not disclosed any information about his alleged attack or the reason for the dispute.

Meanwhile, in another report, an East Harlem man was nabbed for allegedly slashing two people, including a jogger, across the face minutes apart in Manhattan late Sunday, authorities said.

A 39-year-old woman was jogging at West 13th Street and Sixth Avenue around 10pm when someone pushed her from behind, according to police sources.

When she turned around, the attacker slashed her across the right side of the face, the sources said.

The suspect bolted, and the woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center.

About 15 minutes later, the alleged assailant struck again on Eighth Avenue near West 13th Street — slicing a 59-year-old man across the face.

He was taken to the same hospital. Neither victim suffered life-threatening injuries.

Police searched the area with someone who witnessed the second attack and nabbed the alleged knifeman, Khari Walker, 25, the sources said.

Walker, of East Harlem, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and harassment, according to cops.

In an unrelated incident around 8:15am Monday, a man in his 30s was stabbed three times during a dispute inside the Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue station.

He was taken to St John’s Episcopal Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.