More than a dozen marked and unmarked police vehicles with motorcycles dashed to the west end with sirens on, in response to reports that a group of people hurled bottles and other objects at police vehicles last night.

The incident occurred around 9:45pm. When contacted by Bermuda Real, Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said he was heading to the scene as we spoke.

He later confirmed that no one was hurt and that the offenders had left the scene before officers arrived.

We also understand that plans to march the cup from the Somerset Cricket Club on Saturday evening were also put on hold – no indication as to why that decision was made.

Earlier this week, the Bermuda Police Service announced that roughly 70 officers had been deployed over the four-day holiday weekend as part of the annual Cup Match policing plan, backed by police reserves and soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

It was also noted that “police will be conducting high visibility patrols and community engagement throughout this period in an effort to increase community safety and reduce problems associated with antisocial behaviour”.

“We recognize there is a small, but determined group of individuals who, sadly, are intent on disrupting the peace and tranquility of our island,” said Superintendent Darrin Simons. “The policing aim is to reduce opportunities for these types of disturbances to occur,” he added.

That “high visibility” is expected to continue later today at the annual Non Mariners Race at Mangrove Bay, to deliver a safe, “and as far as practicable”, a trouble free event, “to reduce opportunities and minimize the risk of antisocial behaviour” from occurring. The aim, said Mr Simons, is to “provide an appropriate police response to any unlawful incidents and to provide reassurance to the local community, as well as to those attending these events”.