A Union Jack flag & EU flag outside of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster – Image: Getty

In an exclusive report published Saturday night, the Mirror reports Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal “is expected to pass easily through Parliament on Friday – as he uses his commanding majority to push through ­leaving the EU from day one”.

“The Prime Minister will use his commanding majority to push through leaving the EU and promises the UK will have a free trade deal with Brussels by end of 2020,” the report said.

“That would mean Britain leaving the bloc on January 31, as Mr Johnson planned. The country will then begin a transition period in which EU rules will still apply here.

“But the PM has also promised Britain will have a free trade deal with Brussels by the end of 2020, which makes for a tight timetable.

“And the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is warning that negotiations cannot be completed in such short a time.

“So whatever Boris does this week, next Christmas Britain could be facing a potentially disastrous no-deal all over again.”

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier – Image: Getty

The report continued: “The Queen’s Speech on Thursday will make Mr Johnson’s promised £34billion a year to be pumped into the health service by 2023-2024 legally binding for the first time.

“Mr Johnson’s new government programme will also stop local authorities boycotting goods from Israel on political grounds.

“And he will fulfil his promise to end early release for jailed terrorists. Meanwhile, Mr Johnson started a tour of former Labour ­strongholds in the North of England yesterday and pledged to repay their trust for helping to deliver a huge Conservative majority.

“The election saw the crumbling of Labour’s Red Wall of formerly safe seats in mainly working class areas across the North and central England.”

Britain’s MPs return to Westminster on Tuesday to be sworn in before the State Opening of Parliament on Thursday.

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