Boris Johnson was all smiles as he left Downing Street and made the short trip to Buckingham Palace this morning, Image by PA

Mail Online reports: “The Prime Minister had a 25-minute audience with the monarch at Buckingham Palace, during which he informed her that Parliament has been dissolved.”

He was due to make a national address “around lunchtime to spell out the decision that lies ahead”.

“He will then launch the Tory campaign at a glitzy rally tonight, as the party tries to get back on to policy issues after a rocky start.”

The report continued: “Mr Johnson set the tone this morning by delivering an excoriating assessment of Jeremy Corbyn, comparing him to Stalin and accusing him of ‘hating’ wealth creators .

“The political wrangling intensified today with fears raised that Britain could be frozen out of the ‘Five Eyes’ spy alliance if Mr Coorbyn becomes PM.

“Concerns are mounting in Whitehall that the flow of intelligence sharing between the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand could dry up due to a lack of trust in the Labour leader.

“However, the drive has been disrupted by the furious row over Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting that Grenfell Tower victims – comments for which he has apologised,” the report added.

Mr Johnson leaving Downing Street today told staff the ‘bugle is sounding’ and he is ‘heading for the front’ – Getty Images

“Mr Corbyn has been accused of undermining the Trident nuclear deterrent – which Labour in theory is meant to back – by admitting he would never use it.

“There are also claims that Mr Corbyn’s closest aides could be blocked from seeing top secret material in Downing Street due to links with Russia and the hard Left.

“The warnings, highlighted in the The Times, emerged as Boris Johnson launched an all-out attack on Mr Corbyn’s left-wing ideology.

“Mr Corbyn dismissed the barbs as ‘the nonsense the super-rich will come out with to avoid paying a bit more tax’.

Rebutting the security risk claims, a Labour spokeswoman said: ‘Jeremy has consistently made the correct calls in the interests of Britain’s security and international peace and will do whatever is necessary and effective to keep our people safe.

“Mr Johnson is expected to put Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, the NHS, and law and order at the centre of the Tories’ campaign – as well as kicking off the Conservative campaign in the West Midlands.’

A poll released on Tuesday “showed the Tories lead by 13 points”, the report added.

“YouGov put them down one on 38 per cent, Labour down two on 25 per cent, the Lib Dems unchanged on 16 per cent and the Brexit Party up four points on 11.

“Another showed Labour’s lead in London has halved since the 2017 election. The poll, published by the Evening Standard, put Labour ten points ahead of the Tories – a result which would see them losing seats in its heartland.”

  • Top Feature Photo:Boris Johnson is having audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace (pictured) today as he tries to draw a line under a rocky start to his bid to win a Tory majority