Weldon Wade, Communications Coordinator, BOPP

News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – A new virtual public webinar series hosted by the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme (BOPP) will make its debut on November 2nd at 6pm AST BEACH—the BOPP Environmental Awareness Chat Hour—is a free 60-minute panel discussion designed to share with the public a series of perspectives about ocean users, as well as topics of importance to the island’s economy, environment, and culture.

BEACH will feature guest speakers from BOPP’s Ocean Village, as well as members of Bermuda’s public, who will share their personal experiences, stories, and expertise, highlighting the importance of working across sectors and actionable ways that everyone in Bermuda can get involved.

Weldon Wade, BOPP’s communications coordinator, will be moderating the event. “I’m looking forward to amplifying the voices of people in our community who use the ocean and are experts in the tourism spaces,” he said. “And, of course, sharing BOPP’s goals in terms of building ocean resilience and developing a vibrant blue economy for economic growth.”

The 3rst episode of BEACH is “Tourism and Ocean Promo*on” and will focus on how tourism is integral to the island’s economy, and how a healthy ocean environment supports a thriving tourism industry.

Guest speakers include Jessica Mello, board member of the Bermuda Tourism Authority; Dennie O’Connor, CEO of the White Horse Tavern and Tobacco Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant; and Shima Sarabi, CEO of BDA Watersports.

“The ocean around us is, by far, Bermuda’s largest 3xed asset,” Mello said. “If we want a prosperous future for our island, it’s important that we work together to both preserve the health of our marine environment, while also leveraging it to bene3t Bermuda’s people and economy. That’s the idea behind BOPP.”

This is a free virtual event for the public. Register online at www.facebook.com/BermudaOceanProsperity and follow us @BermudaOceanProsperity on Facebook and Instagram to get more updates.