News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Government of Bermuda, as part of the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme (BOPP), is releasing a public report titled: “The State of Bermuda’s Marine Waters: A Snapshot of Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from the Coastline to 200nm.” This comprehensive report, developed in cooperation with the island’s leading scientists, industry experts, and resource managers, will help identify priorities for Bermuda’s future development and use of marine resources.

The State of Bermuda’s Marine Waters was drafted with 25 island experts from various Government ministries and departments,” said Sarah Brooks, a Marine Spatial Planning Specialist with BOPP who guided the development of the report. “Contributors gave their time over a 14-month period to help produce this informative report.”

Bermuda’s EEZ— the region extending from the island’s coastline out to 200 nautical miles (nm)—is biologically rich, contains priceless marine cultural heritage, provides food and economic opportunities for Bermudians, and supports diverse touristic and recreational activities. The overarching goal of this report is to look at the physical status, economic context, and social influences that impact Bermuda’s EEZ. Specifically, the report outlines the status, uses, threats, and governance of the EEZ’s marine and cultural resources.

“Both Bermuda’s marine environment and economy will greatly benefit from capitalizing on the opportunities available within our EEZ,” said the Director of Environment and Natural Resources Andrew Pettit. “This report will provide the necessary context to inform those opportunities and make them a reality.”

The report acts as an important baseline for future decisions impacting Bermuda’s marine environment. It highlights the need for an integrated planning approach that leverages and coordinates existing capacity while anticipating and preparing for future needs. It is with an integrated planning approach that Bermuda can grow its blue economy to build more resilient wealth for existing and future generations.

About BOPP

Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme is an inclusive initiative to support sustainable growth of our ocean economies while maintaining the health of the ocean from now into the future. Led by the Government of Bermuda, in collaboration with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the Waitt Institute, this partnership has vowed to identify sustainable economic growth possibilities for ocean industries like fishing and tourism, as well as create a binding marine spatial plan to sustainably manage Bermuda’s ocean environment. The partnership also commits to preserving 90,000 square kilometers (50,000 square miles) of Bermuda’s waters as fully protected fisheries replenishment zones to support ocean livelihoods well into the future.