Rosheena Beek, Nubian Nook

For a book enthusiast, such as myself, it’s not often that a children’s book can render me to tears, but ‘I Am Enough’, a New York Times Best Seller, has done just that.

This book that gets into the fabric of your soul with it’s colourful lyrical prose and detailed illustrations of little hands and smiles, from illustrator Keturah A Bobo, lends to a publication that I can honestly call…complete.

You and your child alike will want more and will get more from your continuous reading of this soon-to-be-classic. ‘I Am Enough’, definitely is.

This book is creatively written for little girls. The recommended reading level is age four (4), available at Nubian Nook on Court Street in the City of Hamilton – your one-stop for all of your culturally diverse needs and reading material for children and adults.