News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) Athlete Commission organized an election to elect a total of five eligible candidates as members for the next term of the Olympic phase until Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The role of the Athletes Commission (AC) is to advise and make recommendations of the BOA on all matters related to Bermuda Athletes. The Athletes Commission represents the views and opinions of the athletes to ensure their voice is heard within the BOA and the Olympic Association.

Over the course of the election, 13 candidates were nominated to represent the voice of the athletes. To be an eligible candidate the athletes must have competed in the last eight years, or three Olympic Games at the CAC, Commonwealth Games, Pam Am Games, the Olympic Games, and/or be on the BOA Elite athlete list at the start of the election period. The voting athletes came from this same pool of members.

Voting took place online from April 15-22, 2022. Out of all the eligible athletes there were 45 responses, and 51.1 percent participation rate among athletes. The top five candidates elected were Jessica Lewis (Para Athletics), Julian Fletcher (Swimming), Dage Minors (Athletics), Caitlyn Conyers (Cycling), and Tyler Butterfield (Triathlon).

The goal of the AC during this election was to find candidates that represent a diverse background in sport and select a gender equal committee that best represents our Bermudian athletes. Each of the 13 candidates are committed representatives in their sport and come from a wide range of experience in sport and sport management. The five selected athletes can be further compiled as two Olympians, one Paralympian, two female, three male and four Current Athletes.

Subsequently, the Athletes Commission met on June 6, 2022 to vote a chairperson and vice-chairperson to the committee. Julian Fletcher (Chair) was re-elected and Jessica Lewis (Vice Chair) were elected unanimously by the current membership of the Athletes Commission.

The AC maintains communication with the IOC Athlete Commission (International) and Pan Am Sports Athletes Commission (regional) to create opportunities for our Bermudian athletes, consults with current athletes to provide transparency and support and make related recommendations within the BOA to provide feedback on projects to the General Assembly.

If you are an athlete or coach that wants to learn more about the resources within the IOC, Pan Am Sports or BOA, please reach out directly to your NSGB or the BOA with any questions.