Blu Restaurant announced on Monday that they “will be closing for two days to conduct rigorous training for all staff”.

A spokesperson said: “We apologize to the public.”

They also said that they “fully intend to adhere to all protocols as laid out by the Government”.

This after videos went viral on social media showing people without masks dancing to music in close proximity to each other at the event that led to the resignations of not one, but two Cabinet Ministers – Zane DeSilva and Wayne Caines last night.

The spokesperson added: “Guests arrived wearing masks, sanitized their hands and were temperature checked by security at the entrance.

“The sit-down dinner proceeded without any incident during the two hour period, however at the end of the evening a surprise saxophonist played as some guests were leaving and, in the excitement, social distancing was not maintained.

“We realize that with summer now upon us that it is getting hotter and masks are being removed when they are not supposed to, however we understand that this is still not acceptable behaviour at this time.

“We fully intend to adhere to all protocols as laid out by the Government and will be closing Blu for 2 days to conduct rigorous training for all staff. We will ensure all protocols are fully understood when a situation arises where social distancing is not being followed and how this should be handled.

“Bermuda has worked very hard to maintain its current COVID-19 status and we intend to do our part to ensure it stays this way. We apologize to the public and our valued guests as we work to navigate the changes and developments that each evolving phase brings.”